29 August 2011

Anger Week

"Reality continues to ruin my life."

~Bill Watterson

God, I hate paperwork.


I hate it more than you do. Don't sit there and agree with me as if we have something in common.

I hate paperwork so much my arms hurt.

I hate it so much that I want to spend hours carving miniature dragons out of frozen snake venom, crumble them up, and mail them to the offices responsible for my towering rage.

I hate it so much that it's almost pleasurable, except for the part where it makes me hunch my shoulders so much that I think I have crushed a vertebrae in my neck and will need the jaws of life to extract me from my bad mood.

Yes, this is worse than being kidnapped by those Kashmiri drug dealers, because at least then you've got an interesting story.

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