06 July 2011

Math and Mathmaticians Week!

"I still remember the day I got my first calculator.

Teacher: All right, children, welcome to fourth grade math. Everyone take a calculator out of the bin.

Me: What are these?

Teacher: From now on we'll be using calculators.

Me: What do these things do?

Teacher: Simple operations, like multiplication and division.

Me: You mean this device just...does them? By itself?

Teacher: Yes. You enter in the problem and press equal.

Me: You...you knew about this machine all along, didn't you? This whole time, while we were going through this...this charade with the pencils and the line paper and the stupid multiplication tables!...I'm sorry for shouting...It's just...I'm a little blown away.

Teacher: Okay, everyone, today we're going to go over some word problems.

Me: What the hell else do you have back there? A magical pen that writes book reports
by itself? Some kind of automatic social studies worksheet that...that fills itself out? What the hell is going on?

Teacher: If a farmer farms five acres of land a day--

Me: So that's it, then. The past three years have been a total farce. All this time I've been thinking, "Well, this is pretty hard and frustrating but I guess these are useful skills to have." Meanwhile, there was a whole bin of these things in your desk. We could have jumped straight to graphing. Unless, of course, there's some kind of graphing calculator!

Teacher: There is. You get one in ninth grade.

Me: Is this...Am I on TV? Is this a prank show?

Teacher: No."

~Simon Rich

I also kind of feel this way about Google.

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