02 March 2011

Contributor's Week Continues

"You do not do the things you do because others will necessarily join you in doing them, nor because they will ultimately prove successful. You do the things you do because the things you are doing are right."

~Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The quibblers among you will of course point out that while Tutu can say this and be profound, people like Pol Pot and Hitler probably also felt the same way. This is of course a valid point, but I'm going to call Godwin's Law on you and then quibble right back. The intent of this message was, I believe, to encourage integrity over popularity. I also think there are some things in there that are even more gentle, about joy as well as integrity.

Do things because they bring joy.

Write a blog nobody will read. Major in the humanities. Stay up late talking to a friend not because they will remember it in the morning but because you will. Be right with yourself.

(Thanks to Steve for the quote. Go read his blog, it is funny. Especially if you understand sports and even if you don't.)

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